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Underwater is about being the calm amongst the chaos. Often we find ourselves drowning in the constant challenges that life throws at us, and it’s only when we slow down that we can truly see things for what they really - and be free. René Le Feuvre’s latest single ‘Underwater’ describes this feeling of freedom and being calm amongst the chaos.

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Major Releases

EP - Watch Me Fall

Equal parts idyllic escapism and soul bearing honesty, 22 year old René Le Feuvre’s debut EP Watch Me Fall is the soundtrack of our deepest thoughts, a compilation of the quiet voices that keep us awake in those midnight hours. This breakout offering is so much more than just the sum of its parts, its a deeply personal affair - as a boy with dreams so much bigger than his country town takes us in hand down the road less travelled. It’s the story of an artist forging their own path in an industry and world at large that’s been brought to its knees.
Stream Watch Me Fall on all music platforms.

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EP - In Your Atmosphere

Dream synth production mixed with electric guitar and filtered drums describes the soundscape of René's second EP titled “In Your Atmosphere” released in June 2022. Layered vocals, sinister synths and drums by the infamous Aaron Sterling (John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Niall Horan) the EP encapsulates a pivot in the young artist's sound and development. Stream In Your Atmosphere on all streaming services.

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